Monday, May 24, 2010

Good Influence

We were warned, when Addie was about nine months old, that we would have to really start watching our language. And, I must say, for the most part we do.
Damn has become Darn.
Shit has become Shoot or Sugar.
Sonofabitch has become Sonofgoat.
Jesus Christ has become Jeezlepeetes.

Seriously, we've been doing pretty good. Occasionally we slip, and are quickly reminded as our little parrot squawks whichever unsavory word(s) were muttered. It's in those instances that I know she's listening and soaking up everything we do and say.

While I am often chagrined when she chooses to emphatically say shit while we're in Kroger, my heart smiles when I realize that she is also picking up some of the good things we say.

I ask her every morning how she slept and if she had good dreams. I always ask her how her day at school was and remind her to use her manners. I suggest that she rest when she's grumpy and we talk about how much better she feels after a nap. We insist in please and thank you and you're welcome.

Today I got to hear some of the good influence we have, as opposed to the mountains of bad influence we ooze. She and I ran errands getting ready for the much anticipated visit of our friend Carolyn.

I unloaded the groceries and schelped the bags into the kitchen with her help. As I was putting things away and tidying up she grabbed my hand and said oh-so-seriously "Mama you tired. You have a good day?". I chuckled and said yes I was tired and yes I did have a good day. To which she replied "Maybe you try to rest your boootiful eyes Mama. Yeah, maybe that make your day a little better."

Little did she know, she just had.


BusyB said...

ahhh what a sweetie!!! times like that make your whole day turn around when they just know that you need some good words : )

Kathy said...

ohhhhh dear!!!!1`1

~Laura said...

I love when you get a chance to hear your own words right back at you! That was too cute.

Sue said...

Love it! I also love when I'm leaving my sister's house and my 3-year-old nephew says, "Thanks for coming over!"

Mrs.Mayhem said...

What a sweetie pie!

There's an award for you at my site.

Gibby said...

That is seriously one of the sweetest things I have heard in a long time. Lucky you!!!

Michael said...

Best feeling I have had is when someone else tells me how well behaved/mannered my kids are. We always see the things that drive us crazy but its a great feeling to see they "know" how they should act around others.

ck said...

She is SO sweet! And, "rest your beautiful eyes?" You sound pretty sweet yourself!