Monday, June 7, 2010

Boys of Summer

"School" ended two weeks ago with a farewell picnic at the park. The kids played until their cheeks were purple and hair was soaked with sweat. They munched on hot dogs and played with balloon animals and hugged their teachers goodbye.

Addison ate lunch with Dominick, played tag with Luke, Jacob and Garrett and slid the slides with Harrison and Nicholas. She made sure to say to hi Connor and inform me that Benjamin was not at the picnic.

Do you sense a theme here?

My girly girl, who insists always on dresses to twirl in, is BFF with all the boys. Cute, rough and tumble dirt covered boys. Sure, she hugged her girlfriend Madison goodbye, but for the most part it was Addie and 'her boys'.

And one of her favorite boys is our adorable little neighbor Nicholas: aka Saint Nicholas. They were in the same class. They're the same age. They live down the street from each other.

They are so stinking sweet together.


Kathy said...

I can't believe how much she's changed since April! Such a big girl!!!

Gibby said...

First, those pics are adorable!

My second daughter is the same as yours...she loves those boys! Oy vey.

~Laura said...

Such cute pics! My older daughter was like that with the boys. I chalked it up to always being with her twin brother, but who knows.

Kathy said...

Does anybody else see Boo-Boo in that first photo???