Tuesday, July 6, 2010

And then she was 3

On Saturday my house was full of princesses.

The princess cake. The new princess chair, umbrella and doll set. There were no less than four tutus. There was one pair of fairy wings. There were dresses and skirts and frilliness. There were games and hugs and squeals.

It was her third birthday party. And she felt oh-so big and oh-so grown and all I could think was "My heavens, how has it been three years?".

How is it possible that three years ago I was holding my belly, gladly accepting an epidural and holding Andy's hand, waiting it for IT ALL to happen. Out she came and she was squishy and cute (the kind of post-birth cute that only a parent can see). She stretched and squirmed and showed us the capacity of her lungs.

She was perfect.
Or so I thought.

And then I watched her grow.
And I learned how to be a parent and continued to be in awe of her worldly girliness.
Her perfection is endless....

She has shown me how to be silly. And blindly trusting. She has taught me how to harness more patience than I even knew the universe had. She prances. And twirls and runs too fast. She is all sass and already knows way more than I do, or so she tells me.

Her imagination is endless. Sometimes she's the princess and I'm the queen. Once in awhile she's Cinderella and I'm the not-nice StepMother. Occasionally she's the fairy godmother and I am turned into a horse. Sometimes I am the one-eyed-monster and she is the witch. Or she is a kittycat and I am turtle.
She loves to chat on the phone - with Gramma Kathy, with Daddy, with her imaginary friends' parents and with Ry.
She has opinions on how things are done. How to fold the laundry, load the dishwasher, spread peanut butter on her bagel. She knows red, green and yellow and is the world's most vocal backstreet driver.

She can go to the potty and wash her hands all by herself. She still likes to take a bath, but thinks that showers are super grown up. She loves to set the table and help Daddy at the grill. She knows how to pick up, but doesn't always choose to.

She adores her family. She loves to talk to them and about them. She loves those who are in her backyard and those that are miles away.
She worships her Daddy - fiercely. She respects him and adores him and tests his limits. They are each others' best stinkopotomuses. And they make my cup runneth over.

She has friends. Friends who watch out for her, who care for her and who make her world better. Many of her friends are boys : Max, Jake, Joshie, Nicholas, Harrison, Evan. But she thinks girls are awesome too: Elise, Maggie, Marissa, Maddie (there's a few Maddies), Baby Sam.
She shares (for the most part) and loves to have play dates.

She loves to sing, loudly, off tune.
She likes to pretend and dance and play hide.
She begs to be pushed higher in the swing and loves to help in the garden.
She makes sure the cat is fed and the birdies have food.
She loves to dance and twirl and leap.
She likes peanut butter, strawberries, mushrooms, asparagus and all things princess.
She begs for ice cream and milkshakes and sweet treats.
She makes sure to look both ways before crossing the street.

She is brave and adventurous, but once in awhile hides behind my knees.
She still silently reaches for my hand a thousand times a day.
In the morning kisses and cuddles are always on the agenda.
After a nap her favorite place is still my lap.

She is three.
And she won't promise to stop growing, but she does promise to always be my baby.

Happy third birthday little bean....Wow.


Kathy said...
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Kathy said...

TEARS,TEARS AND MORE TEARS!!!!Happy Birthday to my Princess Addie!

Kate C. said...

Happy Birthday Addie E! It's been a pleasure watching her grow into the lovely princess she is.

Paula said...

What a sweet testatment to Addie turning three. Wow, it is amazing that three years can go that fast, She is a real sweetheart and she has pretty amazing parents.
Aunt P.

Mich said...

I first read this at 4am when I was awake and on the couch with a feverish little one asleep in my lap and dear almighty - the tears were a flowing.

I figured it was the lack of sleep, but now I just read it again and the tears came back. dang.

It has been a joy watching Addie grow over the last 3 years and we are all lucky that you have shared her perfectness through this blog - happy 3 to Addie!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday to Addison! What a special little girl you have!