Wednesday, July 14, 2010


A few moments over the past day or two:
  • Yesterday, as Andy checked to make sure he had golf balls for vacations she said: Why you got balls Daddy? I may have let a little snort of laughter escape.

  • Last night as I paid for dinner and they headed to the car I snidely told Addie I was staying behind to drink a couple of beers. She then repeatedly told Andy Mama's gonna have couple more beers Daddy. Just a couple more beers. Note to self: Three-year-olds don't do sarcasm.

  • Her suitcase is packed to the brim with beachwear - she informed Andy and I last night she's gonna take it to the beach and then to A-cago (Chicago) and to Gramma Kathy's -but she's far, far away.

  • Today, at exercise, I firmly told her to eat her blueberries and she replied, with her hands on her hips, Okay! Okay already. Don't rush me - I doing it Mommy! I had to walk away.

  • This evening I mowed our front and side lawns (a horrid, thankless job) and she dutifully followed safely behind me pushing her bubble mower. Each time we'd pass each other she'd give me a thumbs up and shout Good job Mama! Way to go! And then we would high five.

  • After mowing, as I used the blower to get the grass clippings off the driveway and sidewalks, I turned around to be greeted by a buck naked little girl giggling and shouting I ready for my shower. I super big time stinky Mommy.

She's a mishmash of laughter and frustration - and as much as I complain, I wouldn't have it any other way.


BusyB said...

ahahhahaha love when kids ask questions like the golf ball one hahhaha! thats great.

this week i got a little girl giveaway!! come check it out...ends tomorrow : )

Sue said...

LOVE the mowing story! Good job, Mama!