Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

What am I thankful for this Thursday?

  • Clean sheets - for all the beds. Even though clean sheets means I did a ton of laundry.

  • Having the weed whacker back - even though it makes my hands go numb.

  • Nine folded towels - four of which are earmarked for the beach.

  • Being 90 percent packed - although there is still tons to do.

  • Finally finding a life jacket for Miss Thang - and then finding the same one at Target for $7 cheaper.

  • Knowing that Top Chef always reruns so that I can catch up if kiddo's bedtime runs over.

  • Friends who come over bearing nice bottles of Pinot Grigio and Rose.

  • Anticipating a lot of laughter for the next 11ish days.

  • Getting beautiful flowers for my wedding anniversary - even if they weren't from my wonderful husband (thanks Mom!).

1 comment:

BusyB said...

Love the flowers (got some myself!) What a list of great things to be thankful for.... love the clean sheets lol!!!! (oh yes... i do to not enjoy the laundry!)

have a great day!
giveaway ends tomorrow ; )