Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Eleven nights.
We escaped Cincinnati for eleven nights.

We frolicked at the beach. Laughing with friends and family. Drinking so many Corona Lites that the lime gave us heart burn. We feasted on shrimp, fish tacos, shrimp tacos, Carolina clam chowder, crab cakes, more shrimp, tuna and anything else we could get our hands on from the sea.
Horseshoes were played. Beach reading was done. Sunblock was applied and reapplied. Baby turtles were spotted and relaxation was achieved.

But we weren't ready to go home.

Home to laundry and bills and an overgrown lawn? No thanks.
We were feeling greedy and grabbed a few more days of vacation in Washington D.C. There we stayed with dear friends that we see far too little of. We drank their good (scratch that extremely good) wine. We feasted on steak and tuna and king crab legs. We laughed and played dominoes. We explored the city and munched on delicious burgers at Good Stuff Eatery, a former Top Chef contestant's burger joint. We toured the Capitol and traipsed around the hot, confusing city.

Addie requested that we go into the White House "just to say Hi to Baaawraaak, Mama".

Yesterday we loaded our well-vacationed butts back into the car and started the long trek home to the Heart of it All. In all fairness, my rock star husband did 99 percent of the driving. My sweet daughter was super well behaved, and yet it still was a super long day in the car.
So now we are back to our overgrown lawn, laundry and bills. The car hasn't been unpacked. Addie has taken out every toy that she was without over our vacation and the cat has not stopped meowing.

But our vacation continues - in a few hours Gramma Kathy and Aunt Ruthie will be here.

Maybe they'll unpack for me.


BusyB said...

oh yes! that sounds like a vacation much needed!!!! AH i am truly jealous lol!!! Sounds like you guys are enjoying it...and hope that they help ya unpack...thats the worst part :(

Deadline for giveaway friday!
Good LUck!

Kathy said...

We are NOT unpacking! We are playing!