Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday

This Thursday I am thankful for:
  • Tomato and feta salad - I've had it three times since Saturday and could still eat more.
  • A husband who does the majority of the driving and doesn't hold it against me when I get tired after 2.5 hours behind the wheel, even if he has already logged six.
  • Neighbors who are genuinely excited to see us after vacation.
  • Friends who share excellent bottles of wine and welcome us into their home with graciousness and humor.
  • Having my mom and aunt in town - my weeds should be gone in no time.
  • Finally have HD TV installed - correctly.
  • My light weight summer down comforter. I sleep so wonderfully with it.
  • Iced coffee - it's delicious and it reminds me of vacation and my friends.
  • Having a daughter who openly adores her Gramma and a Gramma who dotes on my daughter.
  • My new sewing machine - I plan to make Andy all his clothes from here on out.
  • Knowing that this time next week I'll be headed to a bachelorette weekend of fun.


Christie said...

1) I cannot wait for next weekend
2) I HEART karen for introducing homemade iced coffee to my life
3) I cannot wait to see Andy's new wardrobe :)

Neyer said...

Can't wait for my Gordon Gartrells

ck said...

A tomato and feta salad and a husband who doesn't mind driving? I love those things too.

Have a wonderful time next weekend!