Friday, August 27, 2010

Prime Example

It's rare that we criticize each others' parenting approach. In fact most of the time, I think we are in slight awe of each other. I find his calmness amazing and he finds (I think) my ability to spend 13 hours a day (sober) with a toddler relatively impressive.

Once in awhile I think he roughhouses too much. Occasionally he thinks I have knee jerk responses that aren't the best.

Tonight is a prime example:
Me: Addie! Run inside and grab Mama's phone - it's ringing.
Addie: Hmmm? Wha mama?
Me: Addie - grab my phone off the counter, please.
Addie: Um. No thanks mom.
Me: Okay. If you can't grab my phone maybe you don't need bedtime stories tonight.
Him: Incredulously raised eyebrows.

FINE! He's a little right. In my mind, I was letting her know that if she can't do nice things for us, then we don't need to do nice things for her. In his mind (and her's) I was being lazy and demanding.

For the record she did not get me my phone.
I did read her two stories at bedtime.

And maybe he was right to judge me. No one said I was the model parent.

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Sue said...

Hey, I think it was worth a try! And I love that her response was "no thanks."