Monday, August 30, 2010

Making an impression

If you want to impress your neighbors you should host the late night portion of the neighborhood party.

If you really want to impress your neighbors you should realize about an hour into hosting that you have had too much to drink - and then slink off for a power nap on the couch.

If you really, really want to impress your neighbors you should wake up out of that nap, pour yourself a drink and rejoin the party.

It's hard being me - and by hard I mean horrifyingly embarrassing.

Nonetheless, this Saturday was our neighborhood deck crawl/golf outing. The golf outing consisted of six couples golfing through the neighborhood yards, bolstered by jell-o shots at each hole and the deck crawl ended with many neighbors imbibing in our backyard.

It was a highly entertaining night, but resulted in two pretty darn useless parents on Sunday. Luckily for us Addie was beyond content cuddling and watching movies - she zonked out about 4:45 and woke back up this morning at 6:45.

Yes, you read that right, that sweet child slept for 14 hours.

She must've known exactly what mommy and daddy needed.


LMK said...

I seriously read the time of her sleep like 5 times before moving on to the next line and confirming what I had read! You lucky, lucky thing!

~Laura said...

FIrst off, sounds like you have a really fun neighborhood! Secondly, isn't it great that just when you need it, they can do something for you also?

WEDA said...

what a lovely blog..............mashallah your kid is soooooooooooo cute

Mich said...

you are ridiculous - i love it.