Wednesday, September 22, 2010


After exercise today Addie and I stopped by Meijer - her favorite store. We bought me some new eyeshadow (in case I decide to make a little effort), Andy some beer (because he works hard), and Addie some sparkle purple nail polish (since she's fancy).

When we got home it was requested demanded that a tiny set of toes and fingers get bedazzled.
While we painted and dried I flipped on the DVRed season premiere of Glee.

Admittedly, I only saw a few episodes this summer, but I find the show hysterically inappropriate and super entertaining. Most likely I am on my way becoming a total Gleek.

Besides, it was co-created by a Rambler, and I got me some Rambler pride.

Anyway, as Addie's bedazzled nails dried we watched Glee - and when they broke out into Empire State of Mind she jumped off my lap, clapped and said Mama! Daddy loves this song!! Me too - I love it!

And I sh*t you not she joined in belting out ' it make you a brannew lights itspire you hewre in New Yowrk New Yowrk New Yowrk".

So far, that was the absolute highlight of my day.


Nikki said...

Hahah I love my little Gleek!!! And her daddy like empire state of mind?

Sue said...

Glee = Awesome! I tried to convert Berto and Keelin this week as well!