Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Preschool Review

As I am sure you guessed - she loved big girl school. She loved the Sensory Center (the water table). She loved the Pretend Center (dress up and tea parties). She loved the creative center (paints and markers). She loved Story Time and Sharing Time and Miss Sue's earrings and her heart shaped peanut butter sandwich.
She told me about the big girl potty and the water fountain and playing outside. She said she made new friends, but she doesn't know any of their names. She said she loved her school bag and her hook and the story about the little owl. She said she thought big girl school was super cool.

And then she said, as she gripped my hand, on our way to the car : Mama? I cried a little bit. I cried on the climbing wall when I got stuck. Miss Sue helped me and I was okay.
And Mama? I cried a little bit in the duck room too. I cried because I missed you Mama.
The first scenario I believe completely.
The second scenario I think was total a lie - not that I didn't appreciate it.


Mich said...

I believe her - that girl is too sweet to even know how to fib :)

ck said...

Of course she missed you! (Though I have a hard time believing it when my daughters tell me the same thing.)