Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

This Thursday I am thankful for:
  • The fact that I am not a preschool teacher - holy crap 12 three year old is a lot of work.
  • That I have the ability to volunteer at preschool in Addie's classroom - nothing is more comical than watching kids attempt to play DuckDuckGoose for the first time.
  • Crystal Light Fruit Punch (or as Addie would say Poot Frounch) - it's like crack, only it won't ruin my life.
  • That I am starting to feel recovered from a wonderful wedding weekend.
  • The person who invented feta cheese, it makes my life so much more flavorful and enjoyable.
  • Seven p.m. dinner reservations without the kiddo and with friends.
  • Not being the designated driver for said dinner reservations.
  • That Andy and I get each other's sense of humor...and that we just get each other.
  • The sound of wind chimes.
  • That I didn't place a friendly bet on Top Chef - I would have lost.
  • Sugar Free Popsicles - much like Crystal Light, they are my drug of choice these days.
  • The brief smell of Autumn in the air - I am ready for jeans and long sleeve t-shirts.
  • Target's 75 percent off rack - it's amazing and guilt free.
  • My mother making beach plans for the Spring - I am always happy to participate in a beach vacation!


ck said...

I love the sound of wind chimes too.

Gibby said...

I was always amazed at my girls' preschool teachers. They definitely have a gift! (Either that or they turn to a giant glass of wine every night, at least, that is what I would have to do!)

Mich said...

I just now remembered that I wanted to leave a comment about Top Chef on this post from last week.

What I wanted to say was, "we all would have lost the bet because the real winner is Padma with her new post pregnancy boobs."

Yep, that is it.