Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

This Thursday I am thankful for:
  • Cooking fish for dinner, on my own without the help of the husband, and it being relatively successful.
  • Two and half hours to myself that was well spent at Costco and Old Time Pottery leisurely walking the aisles contemplating purchases.
  • Snuggles on the couch while watching Curious George.
  • Finally finding the hokey love, laugh, live sign for my kitchen that I have been searching for endlessly.
  • Seeing the scale go down a few numbers.
  • Having finally cleaned and organized the garage - it no longer looks like a yard sale every time the garage door is open.
  • Blue painted toenails on a toddler.
  • Shorter, darker hair - like the good old days.
  • Having an overdue phone date with my older brother.
  • Having friends come to visit for the day and the weekend.
  • A planned lunch at Melt for tomorrow.
  • Deciding to listen to my body (er, my knee) and throw the towel in on the half marathon. I am 5Ker from now on and I'm okay for that (prepare for many rants to come).
  • Not having the poison ivy that is hanging out on husband's arm.
  • The rediscovery of Addie's pigtails.
  • The last load of laundry being put in the dryer.
  • A chilled glass of pinot grigio.

1 comment:

ck said...

I love rediscovering ponytails. My 5YO requested them the other day. I smiled every time I looked at her.