Friday, September 3, 2010

Like Kate

Mama? (in the car, on our way home from a particularly good workout)
Hmmm? (me feeling sweaty and fiddling with the air conditioner)

Mama, when I grow bigger I want to be like Kate.
Like Kate, sweetie? Kate who?

Mama, I want be like A-cago Kate.
Really? How do you want to be like her?

I wanna have white hair. And pour my own milk. And I gonna take out the trash and drive a car. I grow up and have a kitty like A-cago Kate and lip stick. Yeah, just like A-cago Kate. I like her.

Later in the day we had lunch at Melt with A-cago Kate. Addie ran through the restaurant and smothered Kate with a huge hug and a squeal.

Kate and I managed to chat while we ate, but most of the lunch was Addie showing Kate pictures on my phone, exploring the hidden treasures of Kate's purse, regaling Kate with stories of our summer adventures and explaining how much she loves ice cream.

Watching them chat made me realize that Addie was onto something in the car: Kate is kind, generous, patient, successful, loyal and smart.

Just the kind of person I hope Addie will be when she grows bigger.
*The Blackberry picture is a little grainy - and as you can see Kate's hair is blond not white.


Kathy said...

You forgot fun and good looking... I kinda want to be like A-cago Kate
myself! Good choice Addie!

~Laura said...

How sweet is that?? Addie looks so excited in that picture!

Kate C. said...

What a nice post!! Thank you!! It was so great seeing you guys this weekend and catching up. I think I need Addie to style my hair before all major functions.

ck said...

That is so cute! And I remember how much I used to love hunting in my aunts' purses for treasures. The only thing that beat that was when they let me keep what I found.