Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another autumn with apples

All Addison wanted to do, while visiting Gramma Kathy, was go apple picking. She remembered our trip last year - picking the apples, eating apple cider doughnuts, nibbling on honey candy.

She was an expert this time around - she picked ten pounds of apples and probably only bruised about seven pounds of them by throwing them with all her might into the bag. She did, however, perfect her apple picking technique. Each time she went to add an apple to our load she would grab and say "twist and pull, twist and pull".

She ran up and down the rows of trees, pointing out the the best apples and picking a few that were just the right size for her. She would examine the apples for splits or bruises, and pause to shine the best looking ones on the leg of her jeans. She managed to munch on two or three apples and tossed the cores out in the woods "for the birdies".

So now we have ten pounds of apples waiting to be turned into wonderful treats - apple crisp, apple sauce, apple squares. Addison has also suggested we make an apple lamp or an apple plate.

She quite the little apple picker, but I am not convinced that she has the baking concept down pat.

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