Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I am late sitting down this week, but this Thursday I am thankful for:
  • Being home, my childhood home. Having coffee delivered to my room each morning. Reading in bed.
  • The sound of my mother's laughter intermingled with Addison's giggles.
  • Fresh baked apples squares, Bailey's and coffee, apple cider with Beam and sugar dusted apple cider doughnuts.
  • Having a mother who buys cheap wine in bulk without shame.
  • Seeing a high school pal and meeting her beautiful family.
  • Watching my daughter rediscover the magic of Gramma's house - the candy bowl, the multiple bird feeders, the snuggly purple chair.
  • Hearing Addie run to Gramma's room each morning and laughing as she's told "Good Morning Sunshine!".
  • New England in the Autumn. This isn't even that awesome of a fall foliage, and yet it is still breathtaking. Gold, orange, brilliant yellow leaves against a crisp blue sky - it reminds why I love fall.
  • Having a toddler who likes to be thankful: "Thank you for getting me my toothpaste mama", "Thank you Gramma for my new thing", "Thank you for bringing me here". It is so lovely to be told thank you.
  • Seeing my daughter ferociously love all the people who I love ferociously.
  • The sound of my husband's voice.
  • Getting to see this, at least once a year:

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~Laura said...

That is a beautiful picture. That and the coffee and reading in bed makes me want to come to you mom's house!