Thursday, October 7, 2010

This Thursday I'm thankful for:

  • My new mailbox - so new and pretty and willing to collect my mail. Thank you Northwest School District (sorry your bus smashed the original one into pieces).
  • A week of good workouts, even if I hurt a little bit.
  • The grass finally looking slightly green in our sad, dry yard.
  • Neighbors who have tons of kids DVDs who are willing to share.
  • Finding a Christmas gift for Addie at 75 percent off. I love me a baragin.
  • Having a tub of Rosebud Brambleberry Lip Balm in my purse - I love Smith Rosebud Salve, but Brambleberry is quite lovely too.
  • Free book downloads for Kindle. I am so addicted.
  • Being able to make a pot of Blackbean Chili for my neighbor and her girls - who knew I could be so neighborly?? Then again, for those three gals - anything.
  • The return of The Good Wife - I am so glad Nurse Carol Hathaway found herself a new, good show.
  • Trying a new mom and pop cafe and loving it. It had ice cream chairs and homemade soups and delicious salads - mmmm.
  • Having the car packed with snacks, toys, clothes and goodies - and having it pointed toward my Mom's house.
  • Marrying a man, who became the father that planned a Daddy-daughter daughter date to Princesses on Ice, complete with her in a Cinderella get up. If that doesn't make you jealous of me, I don't know what will.


Christie said...

I think Neyer should have been in his Prince Charming outfit!

Kathy said...

I'm with Christie. What kind of a handsome prince take you out in sneakers and jeans? Step up to the plate Neyer!!!!