Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dancing Queen

Sometimes I wish I could just step into her shoes and twirl. I would pivot and pirouette and spin like a dervish.
I would wear tutus and hair bows and constantly say "I wanna dance wiff you". I would courtesy and bow several times a day. I would grab the closest person and make them have ants in their pants, we would boogie down and jump around. I would be Beauty and I'd find a Beast and we'd float across the dance floor.

And then I would laugh and endlessly giggle and feel graceful, even though not even a little bit of me is.


Kathy said...

How Cuuuuuuute! Our little friend Nicholas REALLY is a saint!

ck said...

You should totally do it. Pick up a tutu at Target and dance in your living room as fast and uncoordinated as possible. It'll be so freeing! (As long as your curtains are drawn, anyway :)