Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A thump in the night

I remember being slightly terrified when Addison figured out how to breach her crib. I had visions of her wandering at night, falling down the stairs and breaking something.

For the most part her wandering hasn't been a problem. Sure there have been plenty of post midnight visits to our room. There have been multitudes of times that we have had to walk her back down the hallway, blurry with our own sleep.
When we have company she occasionally comes downstairs for fear of missing out on some big event. And, in the last several weeks, almost every night there is something pressingly urgent she has to tell us.

Usually she'll call out to one of us and then say "Um. I gotta tell you a question".
We exchange a look, suppress our smiles and indulge her one question. Most likely it's a very important question like Why you eating a Popsicle? or Why Mrs. _________'s light on? or Why we didn't go to Meijer today?.
After a quick response we firmly tell her to go back to bed and remind her that she is big girl and big girls stay in bed.

Last night was one of those endless not-going-to-bed nights. She came down to tell me a question at least three times. On her last trip down both her father and I informed that it was time for bed and to not even think about coming down again. She huffed, stomped a foot and headed back up to bed.

About an hour later Andy heard a dull thump and Addie was standing in the kitchen crying for me and looking confused. Andy walked her back up to bed where she promptly started snoring.

She didn't exactly fall down the stairs, as I had been afraid of in the early days. Instead, it turns out she had fallen asleep on our bottom stair, quite obviously ignoring our firm request that she go to bed and be a big girl.
And then she must've rolled over - thus the dull thump.

Guess I was right to worry all along.

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