Monday, November 1, 2010

Tiny Dancer

Trick-or-Treat, when I was growing up, was always a bit of a cold affair. I had some pretty awesome homemade costumes - Tinkerbell, a carrot, a scarecrow, a pumpkin - but you would have never known it, because they were hidden beneath my bulky winter coat. Often times I had on gloves and even a hat. And by the time I was all bundled up, I usually was wearing a scowl as well.

It stunk.

Neighbors would always have to ask "And what are you, sweetie?". I would have to unzip my parka, take off my hat and try to show off my mother's creativity - while starting to freeze a bit.

So naturally when it was chilly last night I was not happy about having to add a coat to Addie's ballerina get-up. My brother laughed and mocked me declaring "You're just like mom!!"... but it was chilly and Addie already had a bit of cold. Mother knows best, damn it.

My tiny dancer was instantaneously transformed into a prima ballerina - after all, what three year old doesn't have a pink faux fur coat stashed away in the closet for trick-or-treat emergencies?

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Mich said...

gosh I love her!