Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's been a bit exhausting around here with all the middle-of-the-night ouchies and tears. With the extra pair of feet in our bed and the endless watching of animated movies. And the cold, the freaking cold, is ridiculous.

I am sure that I have funny anecdotes to share, but my brain is too fried to think of any right now.

So instead I will say this: A few weeks ago Addie said to Andy and I that we "never get to see Uncle Brian anymore". That made us sad - and I pretty sure it made Uncle Brian even more sad. Just to prove her wrong, Uncle Brian came over last week to watch the Bengals game and the weekend before he trekked through the snow to help us find the perfect Christmas tree.
Seeing them play in the snow brought a smile to my face then and again today as I was organizing photos on the computer (while trying to block out the insipid sounds of Max & Ruby).

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