Thursday, December 2, 2010

Out of the Mouth of my Babe 3

To get inside that little brain for just a few minutes would be, in my opinion, a total trip:

Mama? Where we going to lunch
To Sebastian's.
Where? I been there when I was a baby mom?
Just down the street babe, and you've been there before babe. We get gyros there.
It at the beach?
At the beach? No, hon, it's here.
But it's the crab's place right, mama?
Ha! No babe, it's not Ariel's friend's place, it's a restaurant in Cincinnati.
Oh, I did not know that.

Mama, what we doing today?
Today? We've got to run a bunch of errands.
Run errands?
Yep, we have a bunch to run.
Mama, we can't run errands. We have to drive them.

Hey Mama, see that ring?
What ring?
The sparkly one Dad gave you.
Yeah, what about it?
One day Daddy gonna give it me when he marries me.

MOM! Wake up! I gotta show you somptin! C'mere! Look!
Wow, look at that - snow. It's beautiful.
No, mama, it's not beautiful, it's magical.

Come on, Mom. Let's go get daddy - we'll make an Addie sandwich.
An Addie, sandwich eh?
No! An Addie hot dog. I'll be the dog you and daddy are the buns!!

Who's Saint Nick, Mom?
He's one of Santa's helpers and he comes to fill your stocking.
Does he fly? Does he use TinkerBell's dust? Is he a man?
I don't know, er I don't think so, and yes, he's a man. But he won't come tonight until you are sound asleep.
I have to be asleep and making loud noises for St. Nick to come?
No, honey, sound asleep means being all the way asleep, not sleeping and being noisy.
Oh, okay. I won't make lots of noises then!


Kate C. said...

So did she get her St. Nick's presents??? Was she so excited?

Mich said...

When I read that you were going to Sebastian's my first thought was "The Little Mermaid" too. jeepers.

Colleen said...

I love the when someday Daddy marry's me comment - she is just so sweet!!