Thursday, December 2, 2010

This Thursday I am thankful for:

A wonderful trip to Akron last week to celebrate Thanksgiving with family. I am also thankful that at our celebration, the ladies won in Trivial Pursuit (not that I'm keeping score).

The dusting of snow that hit Cincinnati yesterday. It's easy to forget how beautiful snow looks until a three year old wakes you up and declares that it's "magical".

Making it to exercise class this week - it has hurt, but has reminded me that it's time to get off my arse.

A mother-in-law who is willing to teach an impatient student how to sew. By no means am I good, but I am getting better.

Addison's love of music. She likes to sing and dance and spin. She doesn't always have the words right (perhaps because I make up songs?) but she sings her songs with confidence and pizazz.

The knowledge that I have no out of town trips planned for at least the next two months. I have missed my home and my bed and my big soaky bathtub.

The return of Top Chef....I am so excited and don't even know who to cheer for, but I won't be missing an episode...and I won't be letting Michelle rob me of a win!! BRING. IT. ON.

Having a huge stack of chopped wood in the back yard. Yes, it stunk that it was delivered in the rain. Yes, it stunk to stack it in the rain. But the glow of the fireplace through out winter is worth it.

Holiday lights - they make the neighborhood, the city and my house look so warm and inviting. They also bring tons of excitement and joy to my little lady.

Deciding to join the neighborhood book club. I am not great about doing things with people I don't know well, but enjoyed the two hours spent (kind of) discussing the book that I actually finished.

My husband who does the lion's share of cooking and who knows when I need some time to myself. I am also thankful that his traveling should be over for a bit.

Being able to sit down, once a week or so, and think about the things I am thankful for. It is so easy for me to lose perspective or get frustrated or be grouchy and completely disregard all the things in my life that are wonderful.


Mich said...

in the famous words of the awesome movie, Bring it On - "Oh, it's already been brought-en"

Christie said...

You? In a bookclub? Really? Try to read the books every once in awhile, okay? Oh, and if you decide you want to leave the bookclub, just tell them as opposed to trying to get you butt kicked out :)

Kate C. said...

I think you forgot to be thankful that your cat is still alive :-)

The little icon on my computer blinked yellow. It looks like we are going to get real snow soon - BOO!!!

Oh and I think I want to get in on the Top Chef bet. I have some opinions of my own... I can't wait to see Jen give the judges a smack down.