Friday, December 24, 2010

Thankful early on a Friday

This week I am thankful for:

The arrival of my mother. She got to Cincinnati safe and sound and on time. She was slightly exhausted but overjoyed to be with her girls.

Having tried a new pork tenderloin recipe in the crock pot and succeeded. Even the husband said it was good - that's a helluva compliment.

Seeing my old lady cat act like a silly kitten while chasing a fuzzy red ball.

Not running out of tape while wrapping the gazillion gifts that will be shoved under our tree.

Vacuumed floors, clean bathrooms and almost done laundry.

Surviving a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo's "Festival of Lights" two days before Christmas with a toddler and Gramma Kathy in tow.

A tiny loaf of homemade bread dropped off by a fabulous neighbor.

Watching Addie cast a spell on Gramma - who suddenly is now being called Grammy. That makes me smile because that's what I called my Dad's mom when I was little.

Five newly covered throw pillows on the couch - I do love that sewing machine.

Seeing several toddlers, in addition to mine, at The Party Source as we stocked up on holiday libations.

The fact that I have about a week to prepare for the onslaught of NYE visitors....I will rest and be ready to rumble when my playmates arrive.

Most importantly, for my wonderful, entertaining family. That fabulous husband of mine. That precocious daughter of mine. Family who are here with me during the Christmas chaos, those who are far away, those who will be here Christmas Day, and those who will be here in a few weeks. This time of year always reminds me how very lucky I am for the family I have - both in my backyard and throughout the country.

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