Monday, January 10, 2011

Out of the Mouth of My Babe 4


Today in the car:
Mama. When we get rid of our old cat I wanta get a new one and I'm going to name it Tom.

Playing alone in her room:
I am the princess and the queen. I am also the teacher and a mommy and I'm a doctor. I'm going to teach you and you listen or no treats.

Earlier today:
Mommy? How old you? (33) Oh. How old is Daddy? (34). Oh. You guys are way older than I can be.

Hey! I gotta super great idea. We go to lunch and then to the store. After that I take quiet time and you take quiet time and Daddy takes quiet time and then we have a big family hug. Yeah, that's a super great idea.

Fighting nap time:
I'm tiiiiiiiired! I'm tired and I don't wanta talk. I want a book and you rock me and no talk. NO Talk! (two minutes later) Mama, I wanta talk to you.


Mich said...

wayyyy older - smart girl!

Kate C. said...

So cute. I love that she wants a cat named Tom too!

Sue said...

All just fabulous quotes!