Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Queen

At 5:30 this morning there wasn't a snowflake in the sky and the schools were already on a two hour delay. By 7:10 this morning school was cancelled - snow had started to fall. A snowbound day - no errands, no preschool, minimal sanity.

Addie and I built dozens of block towers. We hunkered down in the basement and played game upon game of Uno Moo (she dominated) and back to back to back games of Hi Ho! Cheery-o (I dominated, she accused me of being mean). A carpet picnic of grilled cheese and pickles with Chamomile hot tea was shared. Laundry was folded, bathrooms were scrubbed and quiet time was taken.

At 4:30 I went outside to snow blow the two-ish inches of snow that fell off our driveway.

Yes, I said snow blow and two inches of snow in the same sentence. Dear lord, I think I am becoming a Cincinnatian.

While I spent all of nine minutes clearing the snow, Addie went to town frolicking - making snow angels, sampling the freshly fallen flakes and throwing snowballs. Once I was done I joined her - we made, per her request, a snow queen.
Instead of a magic hat she has sparkly crown. We didn't give her a scarf, but she does have a purse. No corncob pipe for this snow madame - instead she has a wand.
Around here we're all about the high class snow people... in relatively little snow.


Kate C. said...

That is so cute! The little boys in my building only build snowmen, not women. They insist on bottle caps to complete the intricate faces. And yes, all of the bottle caps are beer.

ck said...

Ha! A snow blower for two inches? I went the other route. We got one, maybe two inches of snow and I was thinking about just waiting until the sun melted it. I'm afraid laziness is going to win out...

Mich said...

My dad built a snow-woman once...complete with all appropriate lady parts up top. You should consider it next time.

Gibby said...

You take the best pics!! I mean, if you can make snow look fun, that is an accomplishment, LOL!