Monday, January 31, 2011

She's a darling! She's a demon! She's a lamb!

For Christmas this year Andy got The Sound of Music on blu-ray and dvd. Believe it or not, this was a gift that he was happy to receive. He, like me, is a lover of this fabulously saccharine story. He can sing most songs and took the Sound of Music tour while traveling Europe after college.

This may be one of the reasons I love him. The Sound of Music and his amazing grilling skills.

Since Addie was a babe I have sang her Baby Mine at bedtime and he has sang Edelweiss. Needless to say, when Addie realized that "her daddy's song" was in the movie she was hooked. Since Christmas we have watched about it two or three times. Addie is enamoured with Maria and likes to pretend she's running down the mountain, late getting to the convent. She loves to sing all the songs in the car Do Ri Me and My Favorite Things and Sixteen going on Seventeen. Nightly she thinks she should perform Song long, farewell as she heads up to bed. But suddenly, her most requested song is Maria.

Today as we were running around town she said to me "Mama, let's sing the Maria song" - so I started a loud, off-key rendition of Climb Ev'ry Mountain with enthusiasm.

No! Noooo Mama! Not that one!
Well, which one do you want babe?
The one with Maria and the witches.
Maria and the witches? I don't know that one, honey.
Yes you do Mama. The one where the witches sing about about Maria.
The witches sweetie?
Yeh-us Mom! The witches in black who help take care of baby Jesus.
Trying not to drive off the road while laughing - Honey, those aren't witches, those are nuns.
Oh? Well, sing that nun one then.

Dear lord parochial school is going to be eye opening for my sweet child.


Nikki said...

This just absolutely made my night! I miss that kid!

Kathy said...

Ohhhhhh! How do you solve a problem like my Addie?????

Gibby said...

Hahaha! Well, after 12 years of Catholic school myself, I can see how she might have misconstrued things! Too funny!

TKW said...

That's hilarious! Hey, at least she didn't say they were "penguins!"

Sue said...

Awesome! Wish I could spend some time at your house watching and singing along with The Sound of Music! So far, Elizabeth has enjoyed my rendition of Do Re Mi, but I will have to sing her some others.

joelle said...

The Sound of Music, is without a doubt, in my top 3 of all time favorites...if not number 1. Let us know the next time you are watching the girls and I will join you! They also LOVE it!!!!