Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This Thursday I am thankful for:

Making dinner three nights in row and having none of the meals be epic failures. If fact, last night's dinner, stuffed herb chicken with Boursin cheese and asparagus was indeed declared excellent by that husband of mine.

Seven loads of clean and folded laundry.

Good work outs and lower numbers on the evil scale.

That I live in Cincinnati and not snow covered Pittsfield or Chicago - There is a tenth of an inch of snow on the ground here and the sun is shining and yesterday I could see grass.

The safety of all my friends who were slammed with the Chicago blizzard. For some there were scary moments, but every one is safe and sound and warm.

Addison's endless imagination. Sometimes I find it to tiresome to play the part of the daughter, the grandmother, the baby, the prince, the not-nice girls, the stepmother, but always enjoy hearing the stories she weaves as we play.

The arrival of Violet Rose . I get very emotional about the arrival of new babies and she was no exception. I am so very thankful that she and her mother are doing well - and that her parents ignored my suggestion to name her Hermione.

Having a brief chance to see my "her" for dinner tonight, and hold her hand and tell her it will all be okay.

Strong coffee with half and half and splenda in my ceramic orange striped travel cup.

This conversation with Addie on Tuesday:
Mommy! Daddy's hair is changing color!
Ha! It is...daddy's getting gray hair.
No, mom. Not gray. His hair is turning white.


TKW said...

Congrats on the dinner success! Three in a row is darn good, in my opinion. Plus, you got one "excellent," which is, well, excellent.

Gibby said...

Ummm....I'll be over for that chicken later, ok?