Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bathroom and a Sleigh

On Thursday, while I was buying kitty litter and Windex and laundry detergent at Target I stumbled across a oil rubbed bronze towel bar on clearance. As we all know I have an incredibly hard time passing up a good deal, therefore the towel bar made it into my cart, along with a matching toilet paper holder. I was just going to change out the hardware in the downstairs bath - it should have been a simple, straight forward task. Instead, it resulted in a 3 day bathroom make over which has made me incredibly happy.

I got most of the painting done while Addie napped on Friday. Uncle Dickie installed the new light while I got a pedicure on Saturday (I know, awesome). Sunday I finished the touch up painting and added all the finishing touches that Addie helped me shop for, and wah-la a new bathroom was born. It makes me stupidly happy.

What else makes me stupidly happy? A three year old who very patiently entertains herself on a Sunday morning while mommy hangs and adjusts and fiddles and decorates. When the bathroom was 99 percent of the way done this is the obstacle course I encountered.

I was told it was a sleigh ride for Addie and her buddies. Oh, to live in her brain.

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Sue said...

Is it just me, or can I not even SEE the towel bar which was the inspiration for the gorgeous bathroom makeover?? Love the sleigh ride too.