Tuesday, March 15, 2011


There was a moment this morning, between getting coffee brewed and Addie out the door to preschool, that slapped me in face and took my breath away.
It really wasn't anything spectacular or special, but for just a second, as Addie finished getting into her sparklefied jeans and cute panda tee shirt, I wasn't able to see a baby anymore.
I saw some strange big girl standing in her place.

Her legs are impossibly long with no trace of the rolls that once resided there. The adorable little dimples that bookended her wrists have disappeared, leaving behind hands that can write letters and zipper coats. Her chubby cheeks seem to be melting away, barely pinchable anymore.
And in that moment, as my breath was taken away, my eyes filled with tears.
How is it possible that my baby is so grown up? She barely just got here.

Mama? What? What'sa matter Mama?
You've just gotten so big sweetie - I can't believe how much you've grown.
{Eye roll and shrug} I gotta grow Mom. I'll be your baby but I gotta get big too.


Mich said...

dangit lady - my eyes are all welled up now too.

And I have noticed lately that Sam is growing out of babyness and I want to stick a stack of books on her head. I cannot handle it.

Colleen said...

So sweet. And so smart too. She will always be your baby. I say that to the boys all the time - and they say I'm a big boy mommy. Not in my eyes, kiddos.... Love.

Sue said...

SO sweet. I love love her response to you, she is so wise.

Kathy said...

A wise little lady! Don't ever blink your eyes....she's growing so fast!