Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This Thursday I am thankful for:

This stunning plastic crystal chandelier exiting my life and main entry way
and this simple, but lovely, chandelier taking it's place.Bubble gum pink knee high rain boots.
Discounted fabric remnants and my sewing machine. The two together have resulted in many-a new pillow in our house, all of which make me insanely happy.

My little thought out but much loved purchase of a storage ottoman for the family room. It was on clearance which was a bonus, but most importantly it fits all of Addie's toys and crap. It makes me unbelievably happy to not see toddler crap all over.

Second hand shopping. I get a little icked out thinking about bed bugs and cooties, but bought and cleaned a ficus for the living room, a new end table with storage and an old wooden chair that I am going to refinish and recushion and put in the living room. I feel like a true HGTV groupie and do-it-yourselfer. Not to mention I spent a grand total of $39.

The sweet and adorable friendship of these two stinkers. They hold hands and dance and giggle and endlessly chat. I hope that their friendship always stays so strong.
Seeing James Taylor in concert yet again. His voice is nothing short of perfection and his songs me make emotional for all sorts of reasons. Thank you to JT for singing "Sweet Baby James", "Fire and Rain" and, of course, "Carolina in my Mind".

Tiny hands that pick me dead flowers - Look Mama! I picked these for you because I love you.
Deciding to embrace Cincinnati's restaurant week. Saturday was dinner at Local 127. Monday was a neighbor date at Lavomatic and this weekend is a girl date at View. Which explains why I have made myself show up to work out each day this week.

Showing up to work out. Everything, and I do mean everything, hurts. It hurts to sit, to stand, to make dinner, to smile - but I know (really I do) that working out is a good idea for my rear.

The birds that count on my daughter's dedication to filling the bird feeder, and the fact that she can now identify mocking birds, goldfinches, house finches, robins, chickadees, cardinals, mourning doves and blue jays.
Daffodils pushing through the soil.
Tiny buds on the trees.
The promise of 66 degree weather.
A quick road trip to West Virginia.


Gibby said...

Love that pic of the rainboots on the swing. So cute.

Kate C. said...

I've been meaning to tell you how much I love the new light in the hallway. Can't wait to see it! Also can't wait for View!
See you soon!!!

Nikki said...

Aren't you thankful that all the boys will be spending the entire weekend in your house? Especially little bob right?

JayJohnson said...

On first read, I thought you said the crystal chandelier was, "EXCITING" your life. I thought, "well, that's it. The midwest has won. My cousin is gone forever." Glad to see you're still keeping it real. Miss you guys!