Wednesday, April 13, 2011

eye of the beholder

When I was little I thought that dandelions were the most fabulous flower. They were bright and yellow. They were around all spring, summer and fall. I could pick them and pick them and still more would show up.

Dandelions made gorgeous bouquets for my mother. They were perfect to weave into bracelets and necklaces and crowns. I thought they were like little dots of perfection. Even when they were dead I thought they were fluffy and fun.

Now that I have my own yard, my taste in flowers has shifted a bit. I love lilies and daffodils. I think daisies and late summer black-eyed susans are gorgeous. Flowering trees make me smile and my hydrangeas are a labor of love. I am constantly trying to think of the right combinations of flowers and colors to brighten our landscape.

And it seems I am forever waring with dandelions.

Our yard is like the yellow brick road of dandelions. They are thriving everywhere. And while Andy and I see tons of annoying weeds, someone else in our house sees them through more innocent eyes.

She sees tiny, perfect bouquets. And little dots of perfection. A soft place to take a mid afternoon break. And a thousand reasons to smile.

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Kathy said...

and the beat goes on......