Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This Thursday I am thankful :

  • For not be harassed about updating this little blog of mine. I have been low on wit, insight and time lately and just really haven't had much to say.

  • That my sweet neighbor is okay. She was in an awful car accident that left her bruised and her car totalled. Needless to say we are anxious to see her so that Addie can smother her in hugs.

  • Honey Nut Cheerios with fresh sliced strawberries - they really made my morning today.

  • Family time snuggled on the couch.

  • Two beautiful days of sunshine and warm breezes and a back yard for us to play in.

  • A Tuesday night date to the Bob Seger concert - that old dude can still rock it out, but I would be even more thankful if he had played You'll Accompany Me. This is my second Seger concert in four years and he still hasn't played that one glorious song. I guess I can forgive him...since he's awesome.

  • The finches who eat breakfast outside our bay window each morning - they're so colorful and they make a certain three year old so happy.

  • Friends who take Addie to play in the park allowing me to go grocery shopping solo - heavenly.

  • The promise of a laughter filled weekend and girl time with some of my very bestest - watch NYC, here we come!

  • This little stinker.


Sue said...

Did Addison get a haircut? Is she learning Mommy's sassy short-haired ways? If so, I demand a better hair photo.

joelle said...

Thanks Jess. Kels loves you all...and so do I. :)