Tuesday, May 31, 2011

stand beside the ocean

During our first trip to Surfside Beach she still wore diapers. She took naps without argument. She didn't use words like interesting, actually and exhausted. Her wrists were bookended with dimples and her hair could barely be adorned with a bow. She tightly held my hand walking the beach.
This trip to Surfside Beach, two years later, she barely napped in the car. Princess themed undies were packed and she had opinions. She ran at the breaking surf without a second thought and dove under water in the pool. Her hair was swept back in rubber bands and there wasn't a trace of fat on her long, lean little frame.

Yet somehow, despite all those changes, she still looked just like my little baby when she stood at the edge of ocean.

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Sue said...

Oh jeez, here I go getting choked up at work again.