Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This morning I woke all of six minutes early.
I wanted to make sure that Andy remembered to swap cars with me and take his lunch to work. After he left, as I started to brew my mini-pot of decaffeinated coffee, I heard the patter of little feet upstairs followed by some sniffling and tears.
When I got up stairs to find out what was wrong with my little dear I was greeted with a big pouty face streaked with tears.

I wanta hug and kiss Daddy good bye and tell him Have a Good Day and I think he's all gone.

I told her yes, Dad had to leave for work, but she'd see him tonight. She curled into my side and continued to cry and softly hiccup. I stroked her hair and thought about how sweet it was that she wanted to tell Andy to have a good day and make sure he knew that she loved him. What a sweet little pumpkin.

A few seconds later she looked up at me with those gorgeous eyes of hers and asked
Why do some of my friends cry for their Mommy at school?
I told her I thought maybe they missed their moms and were sad to be without them. Her response was
Oh. I don't cry. I don't miss you at school ever Mommy. School has so many fun toys that just don't miss you. Let's get dressed, today is school!

I guess the pecking order is rather clear...


Mich said...

Well maybe baby #2 will like you :)

Aunt Janet said...

Another priceless moment:)
Was the quilt another one of your sewing projects?

WhisperingWriter said...


Natalie probably feels the same way.

ck said...

Ha! Hope that pecking order comes in handy when she needs something in the middle of the night. :)

(PS: Love those photos in your sidebar.)