Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day

This Mothers Day started at 6:30 a.m. with a little lady looking for some snuggles and cartoons. Being that we were at our friends' house in Chicago we padded quietly downstairs for some early cartoons and snuggles. Once we were cuddled up on the couch Addie turned to me and said Mama is today Sunday? When I told her it was, she gave me a huge hug and said Oh good! Happy Mothers Day Mom, I love you!

We had a delicious breakfast with our friends, lingered in Chicago for a bit longer and then hit the road to try get home at a decent hour. Both Andy and Addie were sleeping by the time we hit Indiana and I got to enjoy a car free of questions while listening to the Cubs game on the radio. The few hours of listening to what I wanted to without answering dozens of questions was gift in itself.

We made it back to Cincinnati in time to stop by Gramma Patty's for a little picnic, wiffle ball (Addie hit the ball all by herself!) and chocolate covered treats. By the time we made it back to our house it was getting close to bed time...but Addie was excited to give me the gifts that she had made.

I got pampered with an hour long massage (thanks for helping her pick that out Andy!) and several preschool creations. Her hand print in pink paint to remind how little she is. A butterfly beautifully decorated with scraps of tissue paper and a poem about mothers. A handmade picture frame with a picture of my little cutie. And my favorite, a sheet called Meet my Mom which made me laugh and kind of made my day:

Meet My Mom

By Addie

What is your Mom's name? Jessica

How old is she? 29 or 26 (um, hells yes, thanks sweetie!)

What color is her hair? Brown

How much does she weigh? 50 lbs (sure that sounds about right - give or take a few)

What does your mom do around the house? She mops and sweeps and cleans (Hysterical, since the two chores I do the least is mopping and sweeping)

What is her favorite drink? Iced Tea (thank you, sweet angel, for not saying wine)

What does your mom cook? Yummy dinner, Yummy breakfast, Yummy lunch (errr, no your dad does most of that, but I'll take the credit)

What is your Mom's favorite TV show? The News (don't I sound informed?)

Where does she like to go? Target (um, yep. No argument there)

How do you know she loves you? She lets me make crafts (that is a sign of love because crafts drive me batty!

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Sue said...

Adorableness! It was so great to see you and her this weekend, she is turning into quite the little lady!