Friday, July 29, 2011


Yesterday I didn't have it in me to be thankful. 
I had taken Addie and a friend to see Winnie the Pooh.  Before we got there I told the girls we weren't getting snacks since we'd be going out to lunch right afterward.  No sooner had we walked in the theater and I was asked for popcorn and a drink and candy.  I inhaled deepy and with little less patience I told the girls "No".  For heaven's sakes the movie, which was all of about an hour long, cost us over $21 to get into, I was not buying $9 popcorn.  During the movie Addie cried and stomped her feet because her friend "hit" her (translate, barely touched her arm).  Obviously money well spent.

At the beach showing Additude

At lunch the Additude continued.  There were tears because the waitress brought dreaded french fries in addition to her requested apple sauce.  There was pouting when she got the red crayon instead of the blue crayon and more tears because the air conditioning was too cold.  As we left to bring her friend home there was an argument in the car over what her Petshop animals' voices sounded like.  And more tears and whining because once her friend went home Addie "just wanted someone to play with her".  The pouting, sobbing and drama were epic -and annoying.
By the time we got home, at 1:30, she was passed out in the back seat.  I lugged her inside, plopped her into bed, swallowed a few Tylenol and curled up on the couch myself.  Laundry and floors could wait...I needed silence.

And silence was what I got, until almost four o'clock when little Miss Grouchy woke up.  Woke up in a much better mood - full of cuddles and hugs.  We played games and checked the mail.  We snacked on grapes and waited for Daddy to come home.  And then she got invited to her buddy's house to watch Toy Story and I got to go to a grown up dinner. 
So I went to bed feeling a bit more thankful.  Thankful that I survived a day a high Additude.  Thankful that my husband suggested a dinner out.  Thankful that my neighbor invited Addie down for a movie.  Thankful for icecream while watching Project Runway.  Thankful that friends are coming to visit.  And hopeful that today would lack Attitude.

So far there have been hugs and kisses and thank yous.  She has been coloring and painting and telling me stories.  Manners have been used.  As I sang along to "Don't Stop Believeing" while Journey performed on the Today show Addie asked me how I knew the song.  I told her I knew it because I was old - You're not old Mama she said.  You're beautiful.

Yes, I think today has the potential to be a better day.


Mich said...

Strong willed - just like her mama! And beautiful just like her mama too!

Kate C. said...

I love this picture! It is by far one of my favorites!