Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This Thursday I am thankful for:

Seeing this beautiful picture, with a beating heart, while holding my husband's hand and listening to my darling daughter sing a nonsense song.  My word, in a short 20 weeks our lives will drastically change with the arrival of another Neyer princess.

A fresh baked batch of Blueberry Raspberry Banana Muffins.  Oh, the cinnamon brown sugar topping is heavenly.  Not to mention that the muffins baked perfectly in our new gas oven - joy.

Escaping to the neighbor's house for a few hours last night for a M&Ms, popcorn, alone time with grown ups and one really bad movie.

Having a four year old who now takes responsibility for making her own bed.  Now if only her good habit could rub off on Andy and I.

Fresh cut Shasta daisies from my garden - they brighten the kitchen so nicely and are free.

Being told by the vet this week that Mich is a rather healthy cat with a strong heart beat.  While I am thankful for this, Andy was a  bit disappointed.

The smell of freshly cleaned and dried clothes - only two more piles to go and this house is laundry free.

The Tummy Sleeve - it makes my growing belly feel so good, and let's me wear my regular summer skirts - bliss.

This picture, because not only does it perfectly capture two of my favorite kiddos, but it also makes me laugh out loud.

Beginning the 48 hour countdown until I "got my toes in the water, ass in the sand".   Holla!


Mich said...

two great pics of your little girls there.

Kathy said...

hello little person, it's me Gramma. I love your picture!!!! I love the picture of your BIG SISTER too.

Sue said...

Choked up, thinking about hearing that little heartbeat. :)