Monday, August 29, 2011

Bowler Babe

A little bit of coaching from Dad
For several years, while we still lived in Chicago, Andy participated in a Sunday night bowling league.  I joined him for a year or two, but it turned out I severely lacked any bowling skills (although I did excel in beer drinking and french fry eating).  I would often go to hang out with the boys and fill in if needed - Andy, however, became quite the bowler.  By the end of one league he had his own shoes, bag, ball and blood blister to prove it.

Since moving to Cincinnati I don't think his bowling bag has even been unzipped.  That all changed this weekend when we headed to Western Bowl with Genna and her clan for a little family bowling night.  We thought Addie might like doing something a little different - we were wrong. 

She didn't like it, she LOVED it.   I think the bright pink ball and the 16 ounce cherry slushie helped solidify her opinion.

Addie approached each frame with impressive four year old concentration and cheered every pin that she knocked down.  My favorite frame was when she stepped over the line, slipped down the alley on her belly and still managed to roll a spare - the girl has raw talent!  On her second game, she even managed to bowl a 92 - a score that I celebrated achieving back in our Chicago league days.


Mich said...

How fun! My Andy is sure to be proud!

TKW said...

I'm the worst at bowling. Miss D. loves it though, and she's already far better than me.

Kate C. said...

What a fun family activity! I love that skirts and dresses even make it to the bowling alley.