Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Home from Home

Blueberries picking

And back we are from our week long escape to Gramma Kathy's.   It was good to be home - we sat on the deck and ate our breakfasts.  Addie froliced in Mom's backyard, swinging in the hammock, feeding birds and squirrel hunting.
Pittsfield's Third Thursday
We ate fabulous bagel sandwiches in the park, picked over six pounds of fresh blueberries, spent quality time with Auntie Barb, and made a new friend.  Of course we hit the outlets for some tax-free clothes, and Addie made out like a bandit.  We wandered up to the farm to feed some animals, over to Conneticut to visit family, and down North Street for the Third Thursday festival.  Addie painted Gramma's nails, got a little spoiled, and woke up this morning missing her Gramma when she realized she was stuck all day with just me.
Hugs with new friend Emily
For my part I did a lot of reading and some resting and quite a bit of sitting back while Gramma took over.  I ran into some old faces on the street and missed seeing one of my oldest friends by a few hours.  I reveled in the cooler temperatures and having someone else make my coffee for me.
The goats at Whitney's Farm
Addison traveled, four airplanes and a several hours in the car, like a champ.  By the time we touched down in Indianapolis, she was so sound asleep that she didn't even know we landed.  Daddy got a few extra hugs this morning and the cat is being smothered in with toddler love. 

And for now we are home - no travel plans on the calendar...but we sure are thankful for the wonderful trip "home" we just took.


Mich said...

Aren't trips home just the best? You look great Miss - love seeing that baby belly hiding behind Addie!

Puryear said...

A. We missed you!
B. Did Addie join the blue man group?
C. You hair is getting long!

Glad you had a good time!!!!

Sue said...

Your belly is looking GOOD. Sounds like a lovely trip!

Nikki said...

The picture with you, your mom and Addie actually makes you look tall. Haha looks like you had a great time. Miss you guys!

ck said...

What a great photo of the three of you. I'm so jealous of that reading and relaxing you speak of.