Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Camp take two

Today was the start of Pretty as a Princess dance camp. If you recall last year we only made it to three days of camp due to a mean case of pinkeye. This year we, translate I, am hell bent on attendance for the entire week. Three hours everyday where 1. She frolics and plays 2. She burns off energy 3. She gets to interact with tons of girls her age and 4. Most importantly, I get three hours for five days to my darn self. It's amazing how much easier a trip to Target is alone.

After camp, we attempted to go to Mrs. Teapots with Grandma Patty, GG, and Aunt Nikki. I say attempted, because yet again, we failed. This is the fourth time that Grandma Patty has tried to take Addie there for lunch - and the fourth time it didn't work out. Truth be told, it was my fault - I said that I'd check to make sure it was open, and I didn't. It appears Mrs. Teapot feels she should take Mondays off.

Lunch was not total fail - we ended up at the The BonBonerie Cafe, another scrumptious tea room. The upside to The BonBonerie is that they serve their checks with tea cookies and they are attached to one of the most delicious and decadent bakeries. So, of course, after our healthy lunches we side-tripped to the sweet shop for some goodies. By some, I mean I got two boxes of goodies - two mini key lime pies, two lemon poppy seed cookies, a vanilla cupcake, three mini cheesecake cupcakes, a sugar cookie decorated like a baby girl and a huge freaking hunk of cinnamon coffee cake. That was just the sweets for my house - GG and Nikki ordered their own.

Damn it's good to pregnant!

Addie had a small case of the crankies - which she informed me was because she was so tired from all her dancing.

I'll take cranky in exchange for three hours on my own, I guess.

Plus, when eating a lemon poppy seed cookie shaped like a daisy cranky doesn't bother me much.

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Sue said...

Loving your sweet tooth! Those bakery goods sound delicious.