Friday, October 14, 2011

Photos on Friday

Of the 1300+ pictures that were on my Blackberry, there were a few that I couldn't quite part with.  Here's a glimpse:

 In this one Addie, Grandma Patty & I went downtown for Reds Opening Day Parade.  I don't know who had more spirit, Addie or Grandma.
 Mich is Addie's favorite photography subject (besides herself) and this looks like a morning spent cuddled up in my chair.  It's quite the slimming angle on Mich, don't you think?
 This must have been two Easters ago.  To give Genna a break I would attempt to steal Elise on Tuesdays for story and craft time before she headed to school.  They both look so dang little.
 There is something that melts my heart seeing my little lady snuggled up with my Dad for bedtime stories.
 This was a year and a half ago at my Aunt Ruthie's - we were supposed to be helping clean out her house, but I think Addie was more of distraction than an asset.  It's great that my Mom's shirt is able to more or less caption the picture.
 When we moved here my sister, Kelly, said that I lived in the south.  When I stated I didn't she told me that if I could find okra in my grocery store then I was southern.  That week at Meijer I saw these.
 Addie and I both call Karen princess - and I think this photo illustrates perfectly why.
 My cousin Jill made this rocking hat (Kate C. made the fuzzy scarf) and Addie wanted to wear both one cold visit to Chicago - this was when I officially realized that I was the mother to a fashionista.
 One look at this picture and you know, without a doubt, that my little lady was getting sick.  Minutes later she fell asleep in my lap and was unable to finish out her week at her first dance camp.
 When my brother saw this picture on Facebook he asked "How did you get them to sit and tilt their head the same way?".  Little did he know that Carolyn and Addison are suckers for fruit snacks.
 Two buddies in a turtle shell - what's not to love?  They are so little here!
 I am not sure what Emmett and Addie were up to, perhaps avoiding bedtime, but it's clear they were having fun together.
 A diva on her way to Disney world with color coordinated glasses, outfit and luggage.
 There is very little in life better than sharing a chocolate shake with one of your best buds on a beach vacation.
This summer at lunch on Oak Island - summer curls on her, vacation smiles on him.  Perfection.

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Mich said...

1. Love the Princess Karen pic.
2. I got a little teary seeing the old pics of little Addie.
3. I LOVE Okra - had some the other night for dinner and might just have to have some more.