Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This cold, rainy Thursday I am thankful for:

Homemade chicken pot pie, banana chocolate & peanut butter chip muffins and good conversation.  After preschool pick up today Addie and I got to lunch with Genna and Liam, as well as my friend Kelly and her kindergartner Maddie.  Genna did all the cooking and baking, so I knew Kelly and I were in for a little spoiling - I could've licked the pot pie crock.  Kelly is due about a week and a half before me and it was good to have someone who truly understands the exhaustion, aching back and uncomfortable sleep.

A rare chance for an uninterrupted phone date with Chrisite.  Me with a toddler and her with an infant is a recipe for limited phone time - today was the exception.  She's a gentle reminder of what I am about to be plunged back into and I am a gentle reminder to her that "this too shall pass".  Ahhh, motherhood.

Finally getting the nursery into baby shape.  Lamps are plugged in, decorations are on the wall, onesies are folded in the drawers.  While folding littlest lady's clothes earlier this week I was in awe of how tiny everything was - how in the world was Addie every so bitty?

Being "this" close to finishing Addie's Halloween costume.  Of course she wanted to go trick-or-treating as a princess, and without a second thought Cinderella was her choice.  I went looking for a costume early this year, hoping to find a good one, since I knew I would be uberpreggo by the time Halloween rolled around.  However, every Cinderella costume I found was cheap looking and not at all cheap to buy - I bit the bullet and bought a pattern and fabric.  This dress has not been as hard as I thought, but it was not been a breeze either.  Many phone consultations with my mom and sewing meetings with my mother-in-law have gotten me through it.  End result, however, is a pretty happy four year old.

Taking advantage of getting out of the house.  These days I am feeling about as big as a house and happily would spend the day feet propped up, eating candy corn.  Addie, of course, has other ideas.  Earlier this week we headed to Parky's Farm and frolicked in the sunshine - I was exhausted after, but that's okay, because she was pretty happy.

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