Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Princess Personified

A few days ago, at a family party, it was suggested that Addie may be one of those girls who never really outgrows princesses.  Part of me inwardly groaned and thought to myself how is she my daughter?  I thought of her tears over tangles, her endless love of twirls and taffeta, her need to accessorize.  Another part of me secretly admires her dedication to girliness - there is nothing wrong with wanting to sweet and sassy and full of sparkles and shine.  Afterall, it is perfectly alright for her to be a girl.

She desperately wants to be old enough to wear eyeshadow and lip gloss.  Weekly she tries on my bras or heels and prances around the house.  Rarely a day passes without playing dress up or princess.  Often times she asks me to introduce her when she makes her entrance to the first floor:  Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, orange cats of all sizes introducing Princess Addison Evelyn Butterfly....

Lately her princessness has translated into a fair amount of drama, complete with tears and blotchy red cheeks.  Andy and I know that some of the drama that we face is just her realizing that she is soon going to have to make more room in the castle for another princess. 

Although, who is to say that the gymnast who is currently residing within me will be so princess focused.  Perhaps she will like sports and dirt and the color green.  Maybe tutus won't be her uniform and sparkles won't be part of every accessory.  Maybe - but I kind of doubt that her big sister won't influence her a little bit.

Last night, Addie personified what a princess should be - she used good manners, she remembered her pleases and thank yous, she curtsied and bowed.  She daintily lifted her skirt to cross the street and kept a smile plastered on her face.  She hung out with her princes, but did a lot of the decision making.

 She shined...as every four year old princess should.


Mich said...

Make it stop! Make her stop! She is getting TOO big. I cannot handle it.

Nice work on the costume Mom - bet you cannot wait to make two next year!

Kate C. said...

Great job on the costume! I can't believe the skirt that could fit us turned into that amazing dress!

I still think the blush makes the costume! Tell Andy nice suggestion!

See you in a few weeks! Can't wait!

Sue said...

Love her straightened arm as well -- she's got the princess pose down pat!

LMK said...

I hear ya on ending up with a girlie girl!! These little ones my come from our bellies, but they sure come out with a mind of their own! She makes a beautiful princess!!