Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This is going to be short and sweet.  And I know that I haven't done any blogging since last week, but friends, this girl is uberpreggo and when I sit down I tend to fall asleep....

This Thursday I am thankful for:

Homemade burp cloths and baby blankets.
Clean bath tubs and warm water.
A shrinking To Do list.
A new hair cut and color.
Chicken salad sandwiches from Tag's Cafe - I am averaging about two a week now.
Friends that make me laugh and play dates that are drama free.
Early morning whispers of "Mama?  Can I cuddle with you?".
Knowing there are only two more days to stress about the preschool craft show fundraiser.
A husband who puts up with my moans and groans and huffs and puffs.
Excellent tickets to see Wicked tonight with a tall, dark and handsome date.
Free babysitting from my wonderful mother in law.
Keurig Apple Cider, Juicy Juice Mandarin Tangerine Juice and apple-strawberry sauce.
Being 99 percent of the way through with laundry.
Having plans to see my cousin and his fabulous family this weekend
Being told by the doctor that good progress is being made and who the on call doctor will be this weekend.
Knowing that the pregnancy finish line is in sight.
For the gorgeous fall weather that stuck around for a few days, allowing me to snag this stinking cute picture.

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