Monday, December 5, 2011

Chicago Kate and the Mall

The day after Brenna was born, Addie was treated to a bit of spoiling by our friend Kate.

Kate is a native Cincinnatian who I was lucky enough to meet and become friends with at Loyola.  She and I ended up on the same freshman floor and the rest is history. 
Andy briefly met Kate before college, when she almost ran him over with her car - needless to say they didn't start off as best buds.  However, now we are lucky enough to count her among one of dearest friends.  And, Addie thinks Chicago Kate is just so cool.

So, while we were in the hospital trying to figure out how to work a newborn (again) Kate and Addie went out on a shopping date.  They had planned their date back in October - they were going to go Christmas shopping for Mom, Dad and Baby.  Addie talked about their date for weeks, and when it arrived she went all out and dressed in her beloved polka dot tutu and worn in cowgirl boots.  She made sure to carry her pink purse, filled with coins and small bills (the big bills went in Kate's wallet).  She promised Gramma that she would use her manners and wear her listening ears.
Kate bravely took Addie to Kenwood Town Center - our nicest mall - the day before Thanksgiving.  Brave, oh so very brave, of Kate.
A few hours into their shopping adventure I received an email that read:

I swear....I did not teach her this.

I opened the attachment and laughed my ass off, as did everyone else in the room.  My little diva showed the shoppers of Kenwood how it's really done. 
Apparently after visiting a few stores...H&M, Coach, Macy's, Sephora and Godiva, to name a few, Addie requested that Kate put all of her packages in the crooks of her elbows and off she strutted down the middle of the mall, one cowgirl booted foot in front of the other.

When Kate and Addie got to the hospital we were shown all her goodies - pink metallic flats, a pink pompom hat, gold glitter nail polish, purple lip gloss,a gold clutch, a L'Occitane perfume sample, a bag of Godiva chocolates and a packet of ketchup from Chik-fil-a.

Yes, a ketchup packet - never question the treasures of a four year old.


Mich said...

She is a smart girl - Chick-fil-a DOES have the best ketchup packets around.

Kate C. said...

It was SO much fun! However, you forgot to mention that she spent her money on everyone else. Christmas presents for Mom, Dad, Mick the cat, and Brenna. Then all of the Godiva was for everyone in the hospital (although she saved the candy bar for her).

You've raised a smart, generous daughter with exceptionally high end taste :-)

Sue said...

Glad Kate clarified, I was going to ask if she only bought goodies for herself! What a doll. And Chicago Kate IS so cool!