Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday

On this balmy 60 degree day in December, I am thankful for:

Baby booties, Johnson & Johnson baby wash, large burp clothes and little hands.

Three nights in a row where I have logged three straight hours of sleep.

Good recipes that make great dinners - tea braised pork, chicken pot pie, ham and swiss stromboli - we've been eating well in the Neyer household.

The totally undainty noises of the newest Neyer - no coos and ahhhs around here, friends.  Nope this little lady is all chirps, grunts and gas.

Fridays - they mean the start of the weekend and, for the last few weeks of the month, they also mean half days of work for my fabulous husband.

A clean house decorated for the holidays - red glass, ornaments and twinkle lights just make everything so much more lovely.

My wonderful neighbors and their endless support - from supplying us with baby coupons and hours of Addiesitting, to taking us out on errands and stopping by just to hold a baby - we are so lucky to have landed in this neighborhood.

Guiness and Rivertown Winter Ale - my love of wine is on the back burner and I am having a pretty hot fling with dark beers.

Photo Christmas cards - I love getting a peek at my friends' lives.  Today I got a card from a Chicago friend who I haven't seen since moved to Ohio - it made me smile be remembered on her list and get to see that her toddlers are now "kids".

The heart of my four year old - sure at times she can be an absolute beast, but underneath it all she's a true beauty.

Being in the final days of Christmas madness - soon all that will be left to do is the sitting and enjoying.

Capturing just hint of a smile.

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Kate C. said...

Little Brenna is so adorable! I can't wait to see you guys and hold her!

PS - I will bring wine to reignite your love!