Monday, January 9, 2012

Oh yeah, I have a blog.  There is, without a doubt, plenty to write about these days...but somehow there seems to be very little time to actually write.

I wrote those first two sentences a solid 36 hours ago - point well illustrated.

Right before Christmas Miss B turned one month whole month! 

I am now typing this blog entry one-handed eight days after initially starting it....while looking longingly at a glass of red wine.

So here's what's coming down the pipeline when have the use of both hands:

**Brenna turning one month old
**Christmas craziness
**New Year quietness
**Being married to an older gentleman
**Figuring out how to stay sane


Mich said...

Definitely looking forward to the "figuring out how to stay sane" post....

Sue said...

Have missed you, but COMPLETELY understand.