Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I know I have had a few sappy posts about Addie growing up, but it seems that all she is doing these days. 
She still needs reminders to do things and she can be an awfully pokey puppy in the mornings, but she does a lot on her own these days. 
She makes her bed pretty much every day, more or less on her own.  Occasionally I have to help her get her pink comforter back up on the bed, but she does the sheets, the pillows and the decorations on her own. 
She dresses herself many days - to be fair I lay out her clothes on school days, but her own unique sense of style shines through on nonschool days.
She can brush her own hair and teeth and is perfectly capable of picking up her own messes.
For awhile now she has helped herself to drinks and snacks, but last week was a milestone - she made herself a peanut butter sandwich and cut it into fourths.
I know, amazing.

Next thing I know she'll be borrowing my shoes, snagging my car keys and demanding an allowance. 

I think holding bitty little Brenna in my arms makes Addie seem like an giant - that and her new Chuck Taylors.

Dear heavens, when did my baby's feet get so darn big?


Kathy said...

PLEASE stop growing so fast!!!! Such a big girl! She's breaking Gramma's heart!

Mich said...

those are some kick ass shoes......although I think you had to of bought them 3 sizes too big. Right?

Oh heavens - when did she grow up?