Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Yesterday was a mixed bag.  Beautiful weather allowed us to go to the playground and dust off our winter blues, but an exhausted preschooler was quick to cry.  A sweet baby had one of those days - crying, screaming, general unhappiness.  Poor Andy came home to a messy house, no dinner, a frazzled me, a miserable Brenna and an exhausted Addie.

Instead of focusing on the parts of the day that found me hiding in my room by seven o'clock, under the covers, sneaking peanut M&Ms, I'll highlight the better things.

We had beautiful weather - sweatshirt and jeans kind of weather.  Run around outside and play kind of weather.  Weather that begged us to play a the park - the perfect weather to try out a tire swing for the first time.
After our trip to the park we headed out to find jeans that might be long enough to go all the way Addie's ankles while also staying up over her nonexistent behind.  The shopping trip was a success overall, particularly when we discovered that Addie can absolutely rock a pair of skinny jeans - something her mother could never dream of.

After hiding out with my M&Ms, I took a stab in the dark at dinner and it turned into a huge success - huge in that it was delicious and that I made enough to feed the neighborhood.  But truly, nothing tastes better after a bad day than homemade chicken noodle soup (adapted from this recipe).

Once her screams turned to coos I had was able to realize how amazing it is that this time last year, I wasn't even pregnant and now my babiest baby is ten weeks old.  She laughs and smiles (when not screaming), she can get her hand into her mouth, recognize our faces and do some impressive tummy time.    And those wide eyes of her's - those can make my day.


Mich said...

Mmmmm peanut M&Ms.....

Kate C. said...

I love that Addie now rocks skinny jeans!

Sue said...

Glad you made it through the day. Peanut M&Ms always help. I think back to the days Steve would come home from work and I'd be a train wreck with E, and I only had ONE kiddo to handle! You are doing great.